Facebook 2010: The latest changes that people will hate but then accept

Facebook, constantly changing up their designs for better or for worse, has changed up the user profile pages quite radically from their old style. The old style, which has been around for 2-3 years it seems, is now met with a new style with emphasis on relationships and media.

Facebook 2010
Gone are the personal tabs at the top of the page, and it seems they’ve completely done away with the application boxes, a feature few seldom used at all. Personal information is hidden away as a list of highlights at the top and via the info navigation link on the left.

Photos of you are placed up top, which I think is a little odd since I know what I look like. On the other hand, when viewing another person’s profile, you can see their photos up top which is actually handy.

Facebook has taken away the status message box and sidebar information boxes though, which I do lament. In order to update your status, you need to click the status button on the share bar, which is an odd step backwards I think. It seems as if Facebook is trying to de-emphasis the posting of statuses and sharing in general in my opinion, which is counter intuitive to their social sharing goals.

Overall though, I think it’s a good look, and would be even better if they put the quick status/sharing box back onto the profile and home pages

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